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six colocar antenna

It' h almost a week ago since i have put my last submit on this blog. Which means that generally there was' t too much00 for the radio stations hobby. Last week there was clearly a chance of Inicio Borealis by an eruption over the sun. Regrettably, the Aurora was going to…
6m antenna is ready

… time for you to visit the club train station at Bldg 4622, and handle the connections for that 6 colocar antenna. Our 5 component 50 MHz antenna over the rotor deck The cajole is secured as well as…
Old guy Murphy STRIKES ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

… around. It keeps having a durable & STRONG foundation (This has been my six meter antenna for a long time! ). Issue with it was – A person guessed it – The FRAYED…
Just how do astronomers get their fingers on telescopes?

…. The particular SMA is of the top of mountain in Mauna Kea in The hawaiian islands. The 8 6-metre antenna that comprise the Submillimeter Assortment (SMA) on Mauna Kea within Hawaii. The SMA is actually…

Where can i find a 6/2 meter...

Seems a licensed ham for several years, and i also don’t recall of listening to of a 6/2 colocar antenna, ever. A L/2, which means lambda/2, I’ve heard about… that is just a half influx antenna.
However in any situation, ham ur

Is it possible to make a 2 meter full wave vertical...

Separate 937 feet by 146 megahertz to get 6. forty two feet for the wavelength from the antenna. Nevertheless the impedance at center of the 1 wavelength up and down antenna is very high therefore you will need antenna coordinating trans

How do U build a antenna for 6...

only a bare copper cable. get some hard insulators and put it on the top. long because it’s 6 meters long as well as pointing the right direction you will have your antenna. Whatever you really need to construct the the

Does anyone have a simple design for a 6 metre ham...

Try out going the j pole method! accomplish this, it proved helpful for me personally
http: //www. dxzone. com/catalog/Antennas/6M/

How can i connect my desktop pc to the linksys wireless 6 meters...

View the two computers within the corner of the display screen next to time? Right click which and click connect to the network, then search as well as connect. Your linksys cellular adapter, I’ll assume it could ext

Trigonometry Question..I need help...

Draw a right triangle and brand the vertical tower system (34. 6) and also the guy wire since the hypotenuse (41)

Utilize the Pythagorean theorem to get the missing side of the triangle, that is the distance from to

six Colocar Dipole

This particular video slideshow shows the way i built my portable six meter dipole antenna. The particular mast is 1 1/4 ” PVC. The elements are generally 1/2 aluminum tubing along with 3/8 inch tube that slideshow inside the 1/2 “. 73, N7JF

Portion 1 – Six Metres Delta Cycle Antenna

online world. hamradiocrazy. com : Part 1 Delta Cycle Antenna For Six Meters Amateurish Ham Radio. Tips on how to calculate antenna and coordinating section lengths for any Delta Loop antenna to be used on the Six six Meters amateur they would

KF7ETX six Colocar Dipole Antenna

USNERDOC KF7ETX Home made 6 Colocar Dipole Antenna

6 Colocar Dipole

This really is another video to obtain on 6 meter. In this movie I explain the half influx dipole antenna and show including the dipole which i built. The half wave dipole is among the easiest anten

Linking 6-meter Dipole

6 meter antenna

Pig Tower system

6 meter antenna

Linking 2-meter Yagi antenna

6 meter antenna

Putting together 2-meter Yagi antenna

6 meter antenna

William shakespeare Marine 3991M Marine Consumer electronics VHF Antenna
6dB : 9 feet

Falcon Items 6 Meter 1/2 Wave Horizontally Beam Base Train station Antenna

falcon Items 1/2 Wave 6 Meter Horizontally Antenna. Can be Installed to your house, in a attic. Might be used for field time events, or setup outs

Creature SV1F-2M Coaxial Video Wire (2 meters)

Creature Cable SV1F-2M Monster Standard® Movie Cable with F-pin Connectors two m. piece – six. 56 feet.

Pat Electronics AC/DC 6 V Power for Pat 801201, 801230, as well as 801245 Series Booster gadgets

AC/DC 6V Power (New Amplifier Cases : In Building Amplifiers & Cellular Amplifiers)