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What Our Life is REALLY Like

…complainer because I realize we are so blessed Evan received a Urology residency spot when there are literally hundreds of medical students each…
Trauma Surgery vs. Urology

…medical school in the Caribbean, and having just matched into his first-choice urology residency. Blake is teaching modern dance at several studios in Akron and…
Geography pop quiz

…we'll be moving there in May -┬áChris "matched" at Mayo Clinic for his urology residency! So we will spend the next 5 years learning all about this part of the…
Residency Match.

…never posted about our Residency Match. Back in December, Rick matched for a Urology Residency at the University of Texas, San Antonio. It was our first choice! We are so…
How long is urology residency?...

A general urologist completes a five year residency which includes one year of general surgery. Some do a fellowship afterward in a specialty.

This is what a u

Does medical residency have to be as long as they say it is? (ex: ob/gyn,urology, etc.)?...

No you can’t. The hours are mandated. Besides, if any one could do whatever time they wanted, how would you have any way to certify training and competency?No

which european urology department has grants for non european fellow?...

I don’t blame you a European Urologist is open to too many puns and jokes. A Euro Uro. a Uro-Pean doctor. (ha ha ha)


5 years5 or 6. Some of the programs use that extra year for research. For example, at Cornell, residents do research during their entire 4th year.

How do you become a critical care/trauma surgeon?...

To be a surgeon you would have to do a surgical residency.5 years general surgery +
1 year critical care +
2 years trauma
8 y

Explain residency match program!?...

In the fall/winter of your fourth year, you interview with the programs in which you’re interested. Most people list maybe a half dozen residencies. If you list


For the nation’s medical students that have to choose their electives on the path to choosing their training specialty, this video helps to introduce them to Urology as a potential career specializati

Why Urology?

This video features personal reflections on choosing a career in urology.

University of New Mexico Urology Residency Program – Video Tour for Applicants

University of New Mexico’s Urology Residency Program including tour of facilities and the greater Albuquerque/Santa Fe area

Matt Ferroni 2011 Urology Residency Match Result

What will it be? Pittsburgh, Indiana, Wisconsin or somewhere else? Click to find out…

University of California, Davis – College of Engineering Spring 2011 Commencement

urology residency

The Huffington Post – David Wood’s ‘Beyond The Battlefield’ (April 16, 2012) …item 3..THE DEVASTATION OF THE IED (October 10, 2011) ..

urology residency


urology residency

The Successful Match: 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match

What does it take to match into the specialty and program of your choice? This question is hotly debated and surveys of medical students and progra