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Scientists find a new type of Matter even more confusing than Dark Matter

…, instead they have placed their faith in a newly discovered type of Matter as the fabric of our universes life. It’s name? Doesntt Matter. Named…
… her life through the federal courts. These types of matters are most often handled by state courts. But the fact…

… her life through the federal courts. These types of matters are most often handled by state courts. But the fact…
The astronomy word of the week is “nova” May 7, 2012

…a blue giant star. White dwarfs are an example of a rather exotic type of matter that physicists call “ degenerate “. Most gasses expand when you heat…
I See Baseball Season Has Begun (124/366)

… on her knees, it wasn’t dirt. It was some sort of soap-resistant type of matter. Scrubbing didn’t even help. *Sigh* On the bright side, MB’s team won! That…
How are sound waves produced, and what impacts do different types of matter have on the speed of the wave?...

When material shakes or vibrates sound is produced. Sound waves also has different frequency – not all sound has the same frequency, the voice of women is g

How many types of matter are in a mixture?...

mixture is physical . but type of matter is chemical . so we can not answers this questions

2) element is individual matter but compound is more than 1 elem

how is dark matter different from other types of matter?...

Dark matter has negative weight
its evil >-:|Ok so all gasses, liquids,solids, and plasma(the fourth state of matter) are made of matter. So dark matter i

What are the different types of matter?...

Well there are organic and inorganic molecules. Organic molecules are usually connected with living things. A major part of organic molecules is carbon, but the

Why do different types of matter freeze and boil at different temperatures?...

It boiles at 100′C

And Freezes at 0′C (I think)Different types of matter freeze and boil at different temperatures because they interact differently with like

What is the difference between properties of matter and types of matter change?...

Properties of matter – matter have certain types of characteristics such as atomic or molecular weight, chemical composition for compounds, atomic number for el

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Plasma: The 4th State of Matter

Plasma is widely considered to be the fourth state of matter due to its unique properties. Plasma is a gas in which the atoms are ionized, meaning there are free negatively charged electrons and posit

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types of matter

Dark Matter

types of matter

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types of matter

Toon’s fonts for Remote Matters

types of matter

Type Matters!

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Matter, Dark Matter, and Anti-Matter: In Search of the Hidden Universe (Springer Praxis Books / Popular Astronomy)

For over ten years, the dark side of the universe has been headline news. Detailed studies of the rotation of spiral galaxies, and ‘mirages’ created b

Classification and types of Matter in Chemistry from HelpWithAssignment.com

…container. A gas has neither a fixed volume nor a rigid shape, it takes on both the volume and the shape of the container.

Matter can be classified into two categories.

Pure substances, each of which has a fixed composition and a unique set of properties, mixtures, composed of tw…