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SURF – Algorithm for matching

Many people talk about SURF and using it for recognition. But no one actually tells you, how it is used or what might be the algorithm for doing it. This series of posts, will detail you of using it…
ELROND #1: Feature Detection in Computer Vision

…in the query image. The features are found using the SURF algorithm . The left of the image shows the code output, showing the progress of the…
BRISK: Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Keypoints

… leaders in the field are the SIFT and SURF algorithms which exhibit great performance under a variety of image transformations, with SURF…
Object Detection Using SURF in OpenCV – Part 1

… within seconds….. Yeah thats true and possible using the SURF algorithm. SURF Keypoints of my palm SURF stands for Speeded Up Robust…
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BZIP2 file compression in a file system?...

I recently tested speed and compression ratio of different compressing algorithmes and I found that BZIP altough has good compress ratio but pretty slow. You c

Googlism-the religion of future generations?...

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Advanced object tracking algorithm and its application to auto mosaic program

New algorithm merging SURF and Optical Flow(LK) works with average speed and better accuracy than both algorithms. When Optical Flow judges that it lost the object, SURF works to track the object more


This is the demo screencast I created for the final presentation of my diploma thesis. It shows the creation of panorama made out of the video stream of the camera. It was developed on a LG Optimus 2x

Parrot Sentry Drone

Our project goal was to create a robot that can hover stationary over a given location, until a person with a badge wants to pass the location it, at which time it will move away from the location unt

Wireless Robot Control

Used the OpenPicus FlyPort Module for WiFi communication and a LinkSprite JpegTtl serial camera. The camera is moved by a servomotor to get two pictures from the same position and to try to calculate

Understanding Search Engine Algorithms: Behind Google Searches and the Necessity for SEO

…nowledge typically has its limit in terms of application. Understanding SEO is much more complicated than we give it credit for, both in recognizing the basic components of good SEO and in responding to changes to the industry.

We recently had a client who came us to us when they dropped a little bit in…