Molecular Weight Unit

Compute the repeat unit molecular weight for nylon…

A lot more got it right, the actual formula is actually:

[-OC-( CH2)4-CO-NH-(CH2)6-NH-] n+2nH2O

therefore the molecular weight for d = 1 is around:

Michael = 12,011*12+15,999*3+1,0079*26+14,007*2 sama dengan 246,3484 g/mol

What is the unit for molecular…

mole?A molecular bodyweight is expressed in grams for each mole.g/mol OR amu/molecule, with respect to the scale. I use the term gustar mass when I indicate g/mol, and molecular weight for just one person molec

What are the units for molecular weight of a protein…

Molecular bodyweight is commonly utilized in kDa (kilo-Daltons). You could find convertors online if you would like but kDa is usually utilized.

-KevinIt’s most likely in Daltons (Da) or one atomic mass units (u), however

What is the molecular formula of a compound if the weight of a unit of the compound is 120 and the…

Get the molar mass from the empirical formula and observe how it compares to that the molecular substance. It should be obviously obvious what must be done to get yourself a molecular formula.molar bulk associated with

What would the units be for the log of the molecular…

Records don’t have units simply tag the graph axis Log gustar mass or comparable.

How can I get a Molarity of a chemicl that has an average molecular…

That average, MW or Mn or more moments? Could it be a gaussian supply (mean=median=mode) or bimodal, or altered? What solution property are you considering dealing with? Overall, you figure the actual (appropr

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Device Conversion Graph

A brief illustration of how for converting from atoms/molecules to skin moles and then from moles in order to grams (or bassesse versa)


molecular weight unit


molecular weight unit


molecular weight unit

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