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Kung Zhu Hamster – Do not read this if you are satisfied with the Christmas toys are boring!

…little 'a gamble, but if I put my money was one of the hot contenders Kung Zhu hamster would. They are rough, difficult to update the surprise success of last year and Zhu…
Kung Zhu Hamsters Review & Giveaway

… groups, Special Forces and Ninja Warriors . All Kung Zhu hamsters are sent through training ground playsets. Once…
Toyologist Review: Lego Technic Mobile Crane & Kung Zhu Hamsters & Kung Zhu Wheel of Fire

Lego Technic Mobile Crane RRP: £74.99 What I liked: Like all Lego products, this kit offers hours of fun. There are 2 models to be made (not at the same time) and the finished crane…
Spreading the RAZ Feeling – “Random Acts of Zhu” #RAZ2011

…It was great to know that many children will have those Kung Zhu hamsters and accessories under their trees. My children …
Do Kung Zhu hamsters work in Zhu Zhu pet accessories?...

I’m not sure, but I don’t think they work together. You might check on the manufacturer’s website and see if they have that information, but usually toys like

What's the difference between Zhu Zhu hamsters and Kung Zu Hamsters?...

that’s a kids toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Zhu Zhu Pets are geared more toward girls. They are cute and make cute noises, they interact

Are Kung Zhu hamsters any good?...

if your son wants them i suspect he will play with them for a few months and then get bored of them. the toys these days just don’t last. but if that’s what you

Should I buy A Kung Zhu Hamster?...

Don’t buy it they are fun the first week and they just end up gathering dust. Trust me when Zhu Zhus first came out I was crazy about them we had all the first

Help with Kung Zhu pet!?...

omfg do i need to tell u this????????? bring it back and get a new one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Questions on Kung Zhu Stuff?...

Just to clear the air, KUNG ZHU is just ZHU ZHU pets for boys. Now, to answer your questions.
1. You Cannot buy the armor separately. And just to be frank, if i

Kung Zhu Hamsters – Toy Review

A toy review on Kung Zhu Hamsters by Cepia. Kung Zhu hamsters make great toys for boys or even girls too. ( FYI I know I sound like a spaz in the video I’m just getting over a head cold.)

Kung Zhu Hamster on Fire!

Kung Zhu Hamster Azer celebrates his Birthday and things get out of hand……

Kung Zhu hamster: Zhu Zhu Pets HD video game Nintendo DS

www.gamezplay.org – An exclusive, rough-and-tumble Kung Zhu hamster, named Tull, will come packaged as a Collector’s Edition with the initial release of Kung Zhu for Nintendo DS. Tull sports a never s

Kung Zhu Hamster Stonewall Driving Spider Skull Tank Firing Dual Missile Blasters

Stonewall shows off in his new Spider Skull Tank

Zhu Zhu Pets: King Zhu & gift with purchase
Zhu Zhu Pets: King Zhu & gift with purchase

$ 18.95
+ $ 0.00 shipping

Kung Zhu Battle Hamster – Rock’o

Kung Zhu Pets Special Forces Hamster – Rock-O is a must have for your Zhu Zhu Pets collection! Some call him Noodle because he has the biggest brain i

Kung Zhu Battle Hamster Ninja Warrior Yama – White with Black & Red Accents

Only a student in the dragon clan, Yama is the best friend of Drayko, and will never leave his side. Some might say he’s too loyal. Yama might not be

Kung Zhu Pet Battle Hamster Toy Set of 4 Ninja Warriors Azer, Drayko, Yama Thorn

The older brother of Drayko, Azer was raised in the Dragon Clan. He left the clan to better himself, and joined the Kung Zhu forces. But when his best

Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters

…e why. Unlike the cute and cuddly Zhu Zhu Hamsters, Kung Zhu hamsters are fierce fighting machines. These hamsters have an edgier appearance along with battle gear and combat armor. There are two different kinds of Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters, the Special Forces group and the Ninja Warrior group. Only one group w…