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A Bike Named Sue

…, she is the wife of the guy who laced my kids' hockey skates all last season to prevent my nervous breakdown. She posted a picture…
Me, on Blades

… the girly-figure skates with the toe pick (I tried on kids hockey skates too). Granted, it was my first night out, but I swear the toe…
Best Hockey Skates for Men Learning to Skate?...

If he’s just learning, I wouldn’t go out and spend a fortune. Bauer makes a good skate, even some of the lower end ones. Most skates today (unlike the ones he w

Should the government fund sports programs that help more black kids become hockey players?...


The era of government funding every whim of small groups of Americans is over. You liberals have bankrupted America with your stupid policies. Now we’re

New (Ice only) hockey player. Rec or 'Hockey' inline skates for cross training?...

It sounds to me like you may as well go with the fitness skates. There are two main differences between ice hockey skates and fitness skates.
1) The boot materi

Easton hockey skates?...

easton skates are kinda a hit or miss you either love them or you hate them theres really no middle ground. the boot is designed differently than other skates a

At age fourteen is it too late to become a figure skater?...

Yea you can still do figure skating because I’ m16 and I just started figure skating last year so just find a place that wil accept you okay!Of course you can s

Easiest possible way to hockey stop in an instant?...

well to stop u can run into the boards
takes practice

put one leg out first and put most of ur weight on it and then slide the other foot sidewaysAs you’re pre

Hockey Inline Skates – With Good Customer Review

Best Hockey Inline Skates to Buy Mission Axiom A3 Senior Roller Hockey Skates Mission Axiom T.6 Adult Inline Hockey Skates 2011 Mission Axiom A.4 Inline Hockey Skates 2011 Mission As

World’s Biggest Hockey Skates! Size 15EEEEE !

World’s Biggest Hockey Skates! Size 15EEEEE! Brodi “The Bull” Henderson’s New Special order custom hand made CCM Pro Tacks! Maybe the biggest skates in the world!

How to LACE ice-hockey skates

Learn how to lace your ice-hockey skates. This tutorial is by Dan Perceval, founder of the sport of Xtreme Ice Skating. Question answered: How do I lace my ice hockey skates? How to tie my ice-skates?

Love, Hope, Courage: What Cancer Cannot Kill

…Also, I had the tools of youth —- a secondhand Columbia bicycle for which I paid $ 15 earned on my paper route, a Louisville Slugger bat, a battered baseball and a mitt, a well-worn basketball and football, plus ice skates for the nearby pond that

Ice Time!

kids hockey skates

Ice Skates

kids hockey skates


kids hockey skates


kids hockey skates

Tour Code MX Kids Inline Hockey Skates 2012 – Size 5.0
Tour Code MX Inline Hockey Skates 2012 – The Tour Code MX roller hockey skate offers Tour’s championship proven Code 1 boot technology. The Tour Code MX offers high end comfort with the same quilted padded liner used in the higher Code Carbon Pro…
$ 159.99
+ $ 3.95 shipping

The Magic Hockey Skates

Magic Hockey Skates is published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside.

Backyard Hockey

Play with the Pros as Kids….Enjoy Real SportsAction!Product InformationNow it’s hockey with a cool new twist!Lace up your skates strap on your helme

Tour Hockey Ice Hockey TR440 Youth Hockey Skate, Size 03

For the latest and greatest in hockey equipment, Tour is high quality with high performance. Tour’s TR440 Ice Hockey Skates are top-of-the-line recrea