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Is the pollution debate centering around carbon dioxide as a bait and switch to ignore real toxic chemicals?...

That may very well be a part of it. The oligarchs pushing the global warming fraud couldn’t care less about the environment. Global warmism, and the cult of env

Another science question -- I need advice on a debate essay. Concerns pollution.?...

While it is not aesthetically pleasing and a whole new militant movement of exo-environmental protection advocates would pop up, the idea of dumping trash on an

Reasons to not enact legislation to reduce pollution? (for a debate)?...

Go down to the nearest river and get a big glass of water.

Take it to the debate..tell your opponent where you got it and ask him/her to drink it.You can try t

Can you find evidence saying pollution in India is bad and how many deaths are caused(significant)?...

Impossible. There are no such facts. The population of India is around 1 billion. That is similar for asking for figures on how many people have died as a resul

debate on why light pollution is good?? (READ 1ST!]*?...

You’ve answered your own question by calling light pollution “too much light.” Light pollution is wasted energy; the simple use of downward-pointing reflects p

Why have a 'debate' about Global Warming, when it would be easier to gain support for a 'War on Pollution'?...

Why does that word seem to make thing happen?we have the EPA what more do you wantI don’t know. Pollution should be looked into, not fraudulent data and carbon

BBC News – China’s Grime Belt Air Pollution Extreme

BBC News Article on Environmental Issues – Interested? Join the debate at Fair Air:

Debate: Is Obama Admin Endangering US Environment, Public Health With Retreat on Smog Standards? – As the nation headed into Labor Day weekend, the Obama administration quietly asked the US Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw a plan to limit smog pollution that was projec

The Stream – Australia’s carbon tax debate

In Australia, will putting a price on pollution help reduce carbon emissions?

Smog sparks debate over Beijing air standards

Pollution in Beijing has become part of everyday life for the city’s residents. However, many distrust the figures that they are being told on how bad the air quality is. Duration: 02:08

Circle on quad – Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – Arlington National Cemetery – 2012

debate on pollution

Damien Lawson on why we need to close the Hazelwood Power Station

debate on pollution

Cupid Mountain

debate on pollution

Fracking debate

debate on pollution

Business, Ethics, and the Environment: The Public Policy Debate (National Conference on Business Ethics//Proceedings)

Business, Ethics and the Environment explores the public policy debate surrounding the issue of business and its role in environmental matters. Unlike

Purity and Danger: An Analysis of Concepts of Pollution and Taboo (Routledge Classics)

In Purity and Danger Mary Douglas identifies the concern for purity as a key theme at the heart of every society. In lively and lucid prose she explai

A Firing Line Debate: “Resolved: That the Environmentalists Are Going Too Far, Too Fast”

Taped on March 14, 1997. “If you know anybody,” Mr. Buckley begins, “who prefers unclean air or dirty water or barren forest lands, pray keep him awa

Carbon Tax Fuels Debate

…70 by 2018, due to the high price of the Australian Carbon Tax. Add this to the increased cost of electricity and the future looks anything but economical. So how can this be combated?

As consumers, if we do take the painstaking step of going down the path of building a new home, we tend to want an…