Dealing With Depression

Dealing with Depression

…feel at that time, I just can’t face the world. I use exercise a lot to help me deal with depression. But just after Christmas I tore my calf muscle, so now I can’t exercise…
Dealing with Depression

… that have happened over the last few months I've been dealing with depression. It's the main reason I stopped blogging. I wanted to run to Becky's…
Dealing With Depression and Living Abroad, part 2

… to stay in school. By that point, I knew that I would have to deal with depression for the rest of my life. I had to prove to myself that I could move on, no matter…
Dealing with Depression Part Two

Please, if you have not read Dealing with Depression Part One , do so before going any further. Psalm 139:7-12 New International…
I'm a very depressed man and in need of some advice with dealing depression. Any advices?...

Try physical exercise. Running or riding a bike helps the brain to function properly.besides seeing a psychologist you should go to a psychiatrist too to get su

If you are dealing with depression, do you find that your depression gets worse during the holidays?...

This is completely normal. Do you think it’s so coincidental that the majority of suicides happen around the holidays?
Be with your loved ones. Friends, Family,

What are the worst ways of dealing with Depression?...

Drugs and alcohol are a couple of the worst.type in depression then searchSubstance abuse, wallowing in your own sadness, and killing yourself are probably the

How do i deal with depression and anxiety?...

Some prescription anti-? help but I keep a journal and try to be my own therapist. Are you getting enough sleep & exercise? Do you have someone to talk to/share

Do you have any tips for dealing with depression?...

I have also dealt with depression. While it was mild, and I do not live with PTSD as you do, I do understand how it feels to an extent.
I don’t believe that med

How do you maintain a positive outlook when dealing with depression?...

I feel the same way as you. Sometimes I feel as though the meds are actually having the opposite effect that they are supposed to, and i end up feeling even mor

Some Thoughts on Dealing with Depression

In which I talk about ways to deal with overwhelming amounts of anxiety and/or depression. These are things that helped me or things that friends have told me helped them deal with sadness. Some may w

Dealing with Depression & Anxiety

A video blog that I hope will help people dealing with depression and anxiety disorder. I dealt with my own personal demons in the past and I hope that other people watching this will be inspired to h

What is Depression? (Depression #1)

People sometimes have a hard time understanding the difference between depression and normal sadness. Dr. Eredlyi discusses the different kinds of depression, and how to recognize them.Watch More Heal

Dealing with Depression

The YOU Docs explore the biology of depression and different ways to manage it.

Depression: This Video Game Is Designed To Help, And It May Come To iPads

…Can video games help teenagers deal with depression? That's the question that a team of researchers and specialists from the University of Auckand is trying to solve. Several years ago, the game SPARX was created with funding from the Ministry of

Japan’s Debt Time-Bomb Tools .. Japan Shows How to Defuse Debt Time-Bomb (May 27, 2011) ….

dealing with depression

Depression-era wisdom: How they survived

dealing with depression

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dealing with depression

#281 of 365: Bacon Bits With Green Stuff

dealing with depression

Dealing with Depression Daily Devotions

A selection of uplifting and inspirational bible devotions from personal life experiences geared towards people who suffer from depression.

Dealing with Depression Naturally : Alternatives and Complementary Therapies for Restoring Emotional Health

From the cutting edge of natural antidepressant research, here is new information on St. John’s wort, SAMe, bright light therapy, and other proven nat

Proven Ways in Dealing With Depression

…shame, sadness or regrets. They tend to have difficulties in picking up themselves, let alone moving forward. The good news is that depression is a treatable condition as long as the right medication, exercise, care and love are blended together.

In today’s issue, we’re going to look at depression and th…