Cleaning Oil Spills

Water From Oil: Porous Hydrogels Could Clean Oil Spills

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a major environmental and economic disaster that brought the difficulties of containing and cleaning up oil contamination in the oceans to the forefront of public…
AUDIO: Sailing drones could clean oil spills

Unmanned sailing boats are being developed in the Netherlands this year which could help clean the surface of polluted oceans…. From BBC News. Full story
Robots to Clean Oil Spills

from NY Times… "Will Robots Clean Up Future Oil Spills? …One result of the recent undersea oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico is the emergence of a hot market for remedial technologies that go beyond the hapless boom…
X-Prize Wants to Give You a Working Tricorder [News]

… led to the first privately developed spacecraft , a revolutionary method of cleaning oil spills , and a car that gets over 100 miles to the gallon . Here are the…
A good title for a project about cleaning oil...

Way To Go, Slick!

Cleaning the Seashore, It’s a Beach

How to Stop the Spreading Spill? BOOM, Baby!Cease the Grease

What makes cleaning up oil spills so...

Do your best and everything will work out.the oil is still flowing
they are using the wrong dispersant
and the oil is meant to stay below the water/ground not on it – not in it but below it.

what mak

What are some high-tech methods of cleaning up oil...

I have seen a vessel in Holland that trails a surface skimmer. Its a weighted tube that goes below the surface but comes up to a large rectangular funnel with floats on it that sucks just the surface

Besides its use for cleaning up oil-spills, what other kinds of businesses might buy oil-eating...

Car washes, auto and motorcycle repair shops.Any place that sells oil, any place that uses oil. So almost every and any business would have a use for it.

should the addition of microorganisms and fertilizers be restricted from cleaning up oil...


There are risks involved but it’s better than doing nothing…*looks at Gay Asian Boy*Yes, because scientist do not know what the long term effects will be on the enviroment and marine life.

Are there private companies that are dedicated to cleaning up oil...

Kevin Costner is in the oil cleanup business

Cleaning Up Oil Spills

Tim Carter, of, demonstrates how to get an oil stain off a concrete or blacktop driveway.

Cleaning Oil Spills by Promoting Biodegradation

OTI – Oil Treatment International This is from their website “SOT 11 and LOT 11 are single application products, which promote rapid natural biodegradation. This means: “Apply and walk away!” C

How To Clean Up An Oil Spill (HD Version)

This demonstration compares the results of cleaning up an oil spill with traditional clay absorbents to using a super absorbent like Eco-Absorb. Clay is heavy, dusty, inefficient and leaves an oily sl

How to clean up the oil spill in the gulf

Just Watch The Video, it is THAT easy

MOEX Offshore Agrees To M Partial Settlement Of Liability In Deepwater

Oil spills can cause both immediate and long-term harm to people's health and the environment. The Clean Water Act provides for civil penalties for such discharges. This is the largest civil penalty ever recovered under the Clean Water Act. "The

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

cleaning oil spills

Oil spill cleanup vessel Clean Islands

cleaning oil spills

how to clean up oil spills

cleaning oil spills

Cleaning up the oil spill on the Missisippi

cleaning oil spills

Oil Dri 50Lb Oil Absorbent I05090 Oil Clean-Up Absorber
50 LB, Industrial Oil Absorbent, Soaks Up Liquid Spills From Floors & Driveways, Ideal For Traction Control On Snow & Ice.

SciEd Cleaning Up Oil Spills Naturally; Refill-clean Spills W/oil Hung

Refill-clean Spills withoutil Hung

Patrick’s Original Guide to Cleaning Up the Oil Spill (Humor/satire)

Original humor/satire by Patrick L. Halliwell
Cover illustration by Kayoko Halliwell
(Note: this work is now also available in the author’s

Neo SCI Cleaning Up Oil Spill Naturally w/Oil-Hungry Bacteria: Three Spill Scenarios

Spill Control; Cleaning Up Oil Spills with Oil-Hungry Bacteria; Students set up simulated oil spill in water and treat with microbial mix to observe p