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Energy Security Blanket? The Promise — and Pitfalls — of Biomass in India

Published: November 04, 2010 in India Knowledge@Wharton India faces a potentially grim energy outlook, with the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) predicting that by 2020, oil will cost about US$ 100 a barrel and the…
Climate Change, Despair, Copenhagen and the Rage of the Watermelons…

…anything about climate change: she talks the talk about decentralized biomass in India, but really: this isn't about climate change. This has everything to do with …
The NHL Goes Carbon Neutral

… the money to three clean energy projects: hydro in Indonesia, biomass in India, and a wind farm in Madagascar. The acceptance? Entire teams have come onboard (Dallas…
Electricity from biomass

Electricity from biomass in Bihar, India

Crop Waste into Biomass Fuel

2011 Ashden Award winners Abellon are replacing the coal and lignite used in factories with a fuel made from the farmers’ crop waste. They currently produce around 65000 tonnes of pellets per year for

Mustard Power in India | Global 3000

In Rajasthan, one of India’s poorest states, mustard plants that used to be burned are now a source of income for many farming families. They sell the plants to a biomass power plant. To generate the

ClimateCare: Biomass Burning Stoves in India

Biomass stoves save schools money and carbon: This video gives an introduction to a project promoting the use of biomass burning stoves in India. Traditionally, crop wastes in the Punjab are burnt fol

Seed pods of Sesbania sesban … Trái đậu của cây Điên Diển, Điền thanh bụi …

biomass in india

Leaves and seed pods of Sesbania sesban … Lá và trái đậu của cây Điên Điển, Điền Thanh bụi …

biomass in india

Stems of Sesbania sesban … nhánh cây Điên Điển, Điền Thanh bụi ….

biomass in india

Leaves and mature seed pods of Sesbania sesban … Lá và trái đậu khô của cây Điên Điển, Điền thanh thân tía, Điền thanh bụi …

biomass in india

Biomass, Energy, and Environment: A Developing Country Perspective from India

Developing countries are searching for alternate energy options which promote sustainable development and equity. Modernized bioenergy is shown as an

Exposure risk to carcinogenic PAHs in indoor-air during biomass combustion whilst cooking in rural India [An article from: Atmospheric Environment]

This digital document is a journal article from Atmospheric Environment, published by Elsevier in 2004. The article is delivered in HTML format and is

Prosopis cineraria – A Kalpvarksha Tree of Indian Desert: A Case Study of Biomass Improvement in Prosopis cineraria (L.) Druce in Arid and Semiarid Region of Rajasthan, India

The Prosopis cineraria (L.) Druce is an important tree for the Thar Desert with hard climatic adaptation, represents one of the lifeline in desert hab