Biodiversity In World

what is the center of the most marine biodiversity in the world?...

great coral reefs – north of Australia

what country is the center of marine biodiversity in the world?...

The country of “The Ocean”Tough call. I’m going with Australia, which borders the Great Barrier Reef.

what is the center of marine biodiversity in the world?...

I would be tempted to say Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!

I am pretty sure there isnt a marine hotspot that is more diverse than that place.

Which country have rich biodiversity in the world?...

Dubai, UAE.MadagascarI believe the answer would be Brazil…but maybe not…I would think one of the countries in the Amazon region or perhaps in the central Af

what in the world is biodiversity? ?...

basically it means all the variety of species that inhabit the Earth. what type of places they inhabit e.g. ecosystems and what they contribute

Why are most of world's biodiversity hotspots located in the tropics?...

Sunlight, sunlight, sunlight.

It’s nice and warm there, because of the sunlight.
The sunlight intensity is at a maximum all year ’round, and so there’s plenty

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Ontario’s biodiversity. Ontario is home to more than 30000 different species ranging from polar bears along the shores of Hudson Bay to the eastern prickly pear cactus on Pelee Island

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…HYDERABAD: The foundation stone for a Rs 100 crore worth biodiversity museum in the city will be laid during the international biodiversity meet, Conference of Parties 11 (COP 11) scheduled to be held in Hyderabad this October. This was announced by R

Biodiversity poster, Psalm 104: brittle star and sponge

biodiversity in world

Mangrove Plantation

biodiversity in world

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biodiversity in world

World Tourism Day – bare essentials

biodiversity in world

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Damage In Biodiversity And Human Accountability

…e. “The human activities have raised the rate of extinction to 1,000 times its usual rate” (Center for International Environmental Law). This is actually supported by the idea of IPAT (Impact equals Population times Affluence times Technology), an environmental impact formula developed by the physicist John Ho…