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All About Ecosystems And The Rest Of The Gang

…NOT an ecosystem. Some examples of biotic creatures are: Humans (mammal), Pickerel (fish), Anaconda (reptile), Eagle (bird), etc. We’ve also been…
Mir fehlen die Worte…

… ocean air seem "fresher" than city or "land" air? 95. Are humans mammals? We thought they were made in God's image and not…
Do you concider humans...

YES, you are absolutely correct !!!!!Yes, of course!

You’ve listed all the reason why I answered in the affirmative.Mammary glands = mammal

what biological process allows humans mammals and brids to maintain high body tempertures...

Negative Feedback through homeostasis allows all mammals to maintain high body temperatures. With the negative feedback loop any change or deviation from the normal range of function is opposed, or r

Do you christians and muslims believe humans are mammals or not...

I know for a fact that I lactate, so yes, I’m a mammal. Not sure about my neighbors, though.

Jon M: You’re not trying hard enough ;PYes, we’re mammals. Mammals that God created, perhaps even

Do Christians think humans are mammals in the placental...

Good morning Desiree!

I think many Christians will never ever be genuinely interested in some of the major areas of biology, because they simply don’t believe it. I mean how could they study zoology

Why are humans considered mammals when they have four limbs like a...

Humans are considered mammals because they give birth to the children and not lay eggs.. and humans like all other mammals breast feeds the young ones..
having four legs does not make humans replieles

What is the liquid substance that humans/mammals can breath and get Oxygen from...

There have been successful experiments where lab rats can survive in “Heavy Oxygen Water.” I think this explains it better:

[edit] Heavy-oxygen water
A common type of heavy-oxygen water H218O is ava

Human Mammal, Human Hunter – Attenborough – Life of Mammals – BBC

Human bengs are a particular type of mammal. In this compelling clip, we see a tribesman runner persue his prey through the most harsh conditions in a gruelling eight hour chase. Thought provoking con

Link between us, humans and the rest of the mammals found.

Sources: SkyNews: It’s just a TRANSITIONAL FORM between us (primates) and other mammals. We have already found hundreds of proverbial missing links. This is just another o

Patricia Churchland – Morality and the Mammalian Brain

Self-caring neural circuitry embodies self-preservation values, and these are values in the most elemental sense. Whence caring for others? Social problem-solving, including policy-making, is probably

The Mysteries of Human Brain [1/3]

The human brain is the center of the human nervous system and is a highly complex organ. It has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but is over five times as large as the “avera

Iconic marine mammals are 'swimming in sick seas' of terrestrial pathogens

…21, 2012) — Parasites and pathogens infecting humans, pets and farm animals are increasingly being detected in marine mammals such as sea otters, porpoises, harbour seals and killer whales along the Pacific coast of the US and Canada,

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are humans mammals

Injured Marine Mammal (805) 771-8300 Sign

are humans mammals

Eider & Sea Mammal Vertebra

are humans mammals

6572. The Most Dangerous Mammal

are humans mammals

Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals

The best-selling animal advocate Temple Grandin offers the most exciting exploration of how animals feel since The Hidden Life of Dogs.

In her

Comparative Vertebrate Cognition: Are Primates Superior to Non-Primates? (Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects)

This book explores afresh the long-standing interest, and emphasis on, the `special’ capacities of primates. Some of the recent discoveries of the hig

Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals

To observe a dog’s guilty look.

to witness a gorilla’s self-sacrifice for a wounded mate, to watch an elephant herd’s communal effort o