Sorghum (genus Sorghum) refers to various species of grasses (family Poaceae) that are cultivated as food crops. Because the relationships among the various species and their hybrids are highly complex and not well understood, the cultivated grain sorghums are usually named as Sorghum bicolor.

Sorghum is a tropical grass, well adapted to high productivity in a hot and dry climatic regime, and water efficient (water transpired per unit of atmospheric carbon dioxide fixed during photosynthesis). The wild progenitors of domesticated sorghum are thought to have inhabited the savannah of northern and central Africa, and perhaps India. Wild sorghum still occurs in these regions and their grains are gathered for food by local people. Sorghum was domesticated as a grain-crop approximately 5,000 years ago. Modern varieties grow 3-15 ft tall (1-5 m). The grains are born in a dense cluster (known as a panicle) at the top of the plant.

Sorghum is one of the world's major cultivated crops, ranking fourth among the cereals. In 1999, about 113 million acres (45.9 million ha) of sorghum were grown worldwide, and total production was 74.9 million tons of grain (68.1 million tonnes). Most of the world's sorghum crop is grown in Africa, where it is a leading cereal (although surpassed during the twentieth century by maize (Zea mays) in many countries).

There are four main cultivated groups of sorghum:

• The grain sorghums are ground into flour for baking bread and cakes, boiled as a gruel, fermented into beer, or fed to livestock. Sorghum grain is highly nutritious, containing about 12% protein. Grain sorghums are by far the most important sorghum crop.

• The sweet sorghum contains a high concentration of sucrose in its stems and is used to make table sugar in the same way as sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum). However, the sorghum sugar is not usually crystallized, but is boiled down into a dark-brown syrup similar to molasses.

• The forage sorghums are used directly as animal feed or they are chopped and fermented to manufacture silage.

• The broom-corn sorghums are cultivated for their thin, wiry, brushy stalks that are bound into "corn" brooms. This is no longer a common use, as natural-fiber brooms have been replaced by synthetic ones.

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What are the nutritional qualities of sorghum and what are good ways to use sorghum flour?...

We include a link to a few recipes at the end:

Sorghum Flour

A kind of flour milled through sorghum wheat. Sorghum flour does not have gluten, therefore it isn’t ideal

How do i find the price for sorghum on the US stock market?...

Sorghum is really a commodity not a share. US number 2 yellow-colored is currently selling for dollar 154. 32 per load.

Can I substitute Sorghum for molasses in baking recipes?...

indeed sorghum is molassesSorghum might be substituted cup for mug in any recipe that requires molasses, sweetie, corn syrup, or even walnut syrup.

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Can I buy Sorghum syrup in the UK?...

We are a former chef through canada and travel to the united kingdom to visit former gourmet colleagues, and i also have seen it within Natural Food stores/shop and also some West African nasiums

Where can I buy some seeds for sorghum and millets ?...

There are a lot in my location. However… how do i send it for you, because I reside in Indonesia. By email? The seeds you will need are planted a great deal in In Java right this moment. Sorr

the difference between sorghum and molasses?...

You actually can use it plus they are comparable. You are made from the fruit juice of sugar cane and also the other through sorghum. Most of the time, you are able to replace.

Creating Sorghum Syrup

Continuing t make sorghum syrup similar to the way as was carried out years ago. Roy and also Doris Moore have been which makes it this way for twenty six years in Clean Creek, Tn.

Methods to Pop Grain Sorghum Seed products Like Popcorn with Essential oil

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White-colored 8900 Collection Sorghum

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Sorghum: The Biofuel Alternate?

Global research scientists are meeting within Houston, Texas soon (August 19-22) to talk about various biofuel alternatives in order to corn, particularly sorghum. Some researchers say sorghum – cultivated farrenheit

Republic of colombia Free Trade Arrangement: A work happening with regard to sorghum

… Altering trade dynamics are creating brand new opportunities with regard to sorghum could the new FTA continues to be fully applied. Ratification last year from the US-Colombia Free Trade Arrangement (FTA) is an important advance, but industry liberalization is definitely an







Sorghum within Mozambique four


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Sorghum Flour, the millet-like grain, is Many third leading cereal harvest. This is a powerhouse of diet and adds a superb taste to gluten-free handbag

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Sorghum, the millet-like grain, is Many third leading cereal harvest. This is a powerhouse of diet and adds hearty protein and also superb flavor in order to glu

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