Rice is a species of grass (family Poaceae) that is an extremely important cereal crop. Two species of rice are grown as food: Oryza sativa and O. glaberrima. The natural range of both these rice species is tropical Asia, although rice can also be cultivated in warm-temperate regions. Of the two species, O. sativa is much more widely grown. In addition, there are seven major varieties of O. sativa (and also a much larger number of minor varieties), variously cultivated on four continents, and each with slightly different characteristics. Rice varieties vary in height from less than 3 ft (1m) to over 15 ft (5 m) tall, and they also vary in other important respects.

Rice is usually cultivated as a semi-aquatic plant that is harvested once a year. Less commonly, there may be several crops per year, or the rice may be cultivated as an upland crop (that is, not in water). Flooded fields used for rice cultivation are sometimes known as "paddies." The portion of the rice plant that is eaten is the seed, called a grain (or caryopsis).

Rice feeds more people in the world than any other crop. The global production of rice was 656 million tons (596 million metric tonnes) in 1999, cultivated over an area of 383 million acres (155 million ha). In the United States, 10.5 million tons (9.6 million tonnes) were grown on 3.6 million acres (1.44 million ha).

Rice has been an extremely important plant in the development of many human cultures, being intimately intermingled in their economy, food resource, and society. For instance, rice plays an important role in Japanese culture. It is viewed as a symbol of health and abundance, is prominent in religious rituals and folklore, and even has deities associated with it. In fact, the emperor of Japan, according to Shinto belief, is the mortal form of the god of the rice plant. Similar cultural aspects showing the importance of rice are seen in societies of India and other Asian nations. In western culture, including the United States, a familiar use for rice that reveals its prominence among grains is its use at weddings-the traditional throwing of rice grains at newlyweds after their matrimonial ceremony is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and good luck.

[Recipe] Chocolate bars Grain Crispies

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Red-colored Beans and Grain

… exactly who get excited over beans and also rice. Would you? Rarely per week goes by that people… Sodium and pepper to taste Prepared white rice (from about three cups raw rice) *If a person put on…
Bea Rice’s Lestat Returning to the best Screen in The Adventure of the Body Robber

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cups2 to at least one: 2 cups drinking water to 1 cup white grain, salt, one Tbsp. essential oil… give a boil, after that simmer about 20 minutes. Add more water to get fluffier rice. You want the water to become a little bit over a


The spanish language Rice If you would like Pinto’s within it, have it the right path, or simply have them on the medial side and let your visitors do the mixing Can make 4 servings

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Grain is the seed of the monocot seed Oryza sativa, from the grass family members (Poaceae). As a food grain, it does not take most important basic piece food for a large portion of the world’s population, specially in

How do I get jasmine rice to stick...

attempt adding more drinking water. Jasmine, like some other long grain rices are generally not supposed to stick with each other. For sticky rice utilize short grain grain.

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What is the difference between white rice and parboiled...

I actually don’t really think there is certainly much of a distinction, in terms of diet. If you prefer a more healthy rice, you have to get brown grain, black grain, wild rice or perhaps a blend (and I avoid mean GRANDDAD BEN’

Is minute/instant rice less or more nutritious than regular...

With regards to actual nutrition there isn’t that big a positive change between long grained whitened rice and instant grain.
Instant rice is simply white rice which has been processed by cooking food it then dehyd

Reese Rice – The Blower’s Child – Official Video clip

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Veggie Rice (Pulav) Recipe simply by Manjula

See full recipe at online world. manjulaskitchen. com SUBSTANCES: RECIPE FOR FOUR TO SIX SERVINGS a single cup basmati rice 2 glasses water 3 tablespoons of essential oil 1 teaspoon cumin seeds two bay leaves 1/2 cinnamon stay two cloves


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Poultry Fried Grain

basic chicken fried grain

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Grain Work


Steps to make grain


Rice-Eccles Arena


Nishiki High quality Rice, Medium Wheat, 15-Pound Handbag

The ideal rice to use to get Boston sushi

Lundberg Crazy Blend, Gourmet Mixture of Wild and Wholegrain Brown Grain, 16-Ounce Hand bags (Pack associated with 6)

Lundberg Crazy Blend is a colorful fragrant blend of several brownish rices. All the types of rice have their healthy bran and germ layers undamaged.

Roland High quality Jasmine Rice from Asia, 20-Pound Handbag

Jasmine Grain is long grain aromatic grain with a distinctive flowery taste this firm-grained rice continues to be compared to basmati grain at a fraction of to