Hydrogen is the chemical element of atomic number 1. Its symbol is H, it has an atomic weight of 1.008, its specific gravity at 32°F (0°C) is 0.0000899, and it melts at -434.7°F (-259.3°C). The boiling point of hydrogen is -423.2°F (-252.9°C), just above absolute zero. Boiling liquid hydrogen is the coldest substance known, with the exception of liquid helium. At room temperature, hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. It consists of two stable isotopes of mass numbers 1 and 2.

Hydrogen is "number one" among the chemical elements. That is, it is the element whose atomic number is one. Its atoms are the simplest and lightest of all. A hydrogen atom contains only one electron, and it has a nucleus that consists of nothing but a proton. (A small percentage of hydrogen nuclei also contain one or two neutrons; see below.) In the periodic table, it is in a class by itself; there are no other members of its exclusive "group." It is usually placed at the top, all by itself.

Hydrogen's name is a clue to its most important position among the world's elements. It comes from the Greek hydro, meaning water, and genes, meaning born or formed. Hydrogen is a substance that gives birth to water (with a little help from oxygen). The name was coined in 1783 by the French chemist Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794) in honor of the fact that when hydrogen burns in air it reacts with oxygen to form water, H2O.

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Just one Hydrogen Chemical Vibrates Macro Object

Physicists get demonstrated that any hydrogen molecule dance between two achievable positions can lead to regular gerüttel…
What molecule forms the hydrogen carbonate ion?... gong5deng gong7deng


NaCO3 + 2H20 –> H2Co3 + Na(OH)2

without spectator ions (ions that dont do anything)

CO3 (2-) + H20 –> 2H(+) and up. CO3 (2-)

CO3 ion will get hydrogen (protons) coming from

What is it about the hydrogen atom that allowed it to produce photons of this type?...

Chemical. may be the just one that appears to generate _any_sense in my experience, nevertheless it doesn’t particularly say why this may be the situation designed for hydrogen, nevertheless the other choices wor

What is the difference between Hydrogen cars and electric cars?...

Initially you might see how will they be the exact same. An electric powered vehicle could get its electrical energy in one involving 3 ways. Electrical energy can be carried to it just like a number of

What coenzyme can accept 2 hydrogen atoms when it is associated functionally with the active site of a dehydro?...

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There are several coenzymes which can recognize hydrogen atoms from your dehydrogenase, for instance NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and also FAD (flavin by-by

How do the hydrogen bonds between water molecules compare to the covalent bonds within water molecules?...

ABecause from the covalent developing in h2o, as well as the electrons remaining with the developing, VESPA declares that water can be a curved shaped chemical. This particular chemical

How are hydrogen bonds different from covalent bonds?...

The reply to your current question will be “Hydrogen bonds happen to be weaker compared to covalent bonds and also form between somewhat charged atoms or even molecules”…

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Normal Hydrogen Electrode — Wiki Content

The normal hydrogen electrode (abbreviated SHE), is really a redox electrode that forms the foundation from the thermodynamic level of oxidation-reduction possibilities. Its overall electrode potential will be vurdering.

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