Cashew Family

Cashew family (Anacardiaceae)

The cashew family (Anacardiaceae) is a group of about 600 species of plants, most of which are tropical in distribution, although some occur in the temperate zone.

Almost all members of the cashew family are trees or shrubs, though some are vines. Many species have foliage, fruits, or bark on the stems and roots that contain acrid, an often milky resin, and saps that are irritating or poisonous if touched or eaten. The leaves are typically compound, with at least three if not more leaflets per leaf. The flowers are small, five-parted, insect pollinated, and arranged in compact inflorescences. The fruits are either a one-seeded drupe or a many-seeded berry, and are generally eaten and dispersed by birds or small mammals.

The fruits of some species in the cashew family are an important source of food for people, while other species are used in horticulture. Many species are considered to be important weeds because they are poisonous, often causing a severe dermatitis (rash) in exposed people.

Edible species of the cashew family

Various nuts and other fruits are obtained from species in the cashew family.


… ) is actually native to The united states and it is a part from the Sumac or perhaps Cashew Family members (Anacardiaceae). Evidently mangoes have been in this loved ones too. Cool….
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… along with mangoes, that (surprisingly enough) turn into people from the cashew loved ones too. Knowledge about which elements hail through the same family members might…

…. After that came one more aha instant. That manga research mentioned the actual cashew family which includes cashews, pistachios, toxic oak, toxic ivy, as well as…

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Indian native Ash forest

Cashew family

Kaarilav (Malayalam: കാരിലവ്)

Cashew family

Ajashringi (Sanskrit: अजशृङ्गी)

Cashew family

Goddana-mara (Coorgi: ಗೊದ್ದನಮರ)

Cashew family

Cashews — A Medical Thesaurus, Bibliography, as well as Annotated Research Overview of Internet Referrals

This can be a 3-in-1 research book. It provides an entire medical thesaurus covering countless terms as well as expressions in relation to cashews. Additionally, it offers

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Larabar Small Apple company Cashew Chr Range Pack ( ten x 10. thirty six OZ)

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