Big Bang Theory

Big bang theory

The big bang theory is the conceptual and mathematical model that scientists use to describe the origin of the Universe. It states that the Universe began as a tiny, violent explosion about 15 billion years ago. That event produced all of the matter and energy in the universe, including its hydrogen and helium. Some of these light atoms were forged in the cores of stars, over billions of years, into atoms of the heavier elements that exist today, including the atoms of which we ourselves are made. One consequence of the big bang is that today the Universe, which is of finite size and contains a finite amount of matter, is expanding; in fact, the occurrence of the big bang was originally deduced from the fact of the Universe's expansion. In recent years astronomers have made many observations that verify predictions of the big bang theory.

Studying the Universe

Since ancient times, people have wondered about the origin of the Universe. Questions about how and when Earth and the heavens formed have been pondered by philosophers, theologians, and scientists. The modern, scientific study of the origin and structure of the Universe is known as the science of cosmology.

For many centuries cosmological thought was limited mostly to speculation. For example, it was not obvious to the ancients that the Sun and the stars are objects of the same sort. Today it is known that the Sun is a star much like the other stars, and is only brighter because it is closer. This simple fact took centuries to determine because it is difficult to determine the distance to most of the objects seen in the night sky. Early astronomers of the scientific era, although they knew that the stars are also suns, assumed that all stars have the same intrinsic brightness and thus, that only their distance from Earth determines their apparent brightness. This is now accepted as untrue - enormous variations in brightness among individual stars do exist. Examination of binary stars (paired stars that orbit each other) demonstrated these differences. When binary star systems in which the two stars did not have the same brightness were observed, it became clear that the amount of light received from any given star is dependent on more than just its distance. Until the elementary task of measuring the position of astronomical objects could be pursued systematically, larger questions about the structure and history of the Universe as a whole could not even begin to be answered.

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Question about the big bang theory and origin of the universe?...

Indeed you’ll be able, check out this,

“I do not believe a brilliant creator is essential with the world, or me personally, to are present. I realize no proof or logical requirement

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What type of science is the big bang theory?...

Cosmology — physical scienceYou might categorize getting cosmology or even astrophysics, Perhaps. Cosmology, object physics as well as thermodynamics.

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