An amplifier is a device, usually electronic, that magnifies information to a more powerful signal at the amplifier's output. Amplifiers are usually based on electronic principles but may utilize hydraulics or magnetics.

Amplifiers are used when the electrical power of a signal must be increased. Audio amplifiers can increase the microwatts developed by a microphone to more than a million watts of power required to fill a stadium during a concert. Satellites use amplifiers to strengthen television and telephone signals so they can be received easily when beamed back to Earth.

Long-distance telephone circuits were made possible when amplifiers magnified power that had been dissipated by the resistance of cross-country phone wires. Amplifiers were also needed to restore lost volume. Undersea telephone cables require amplifiers beneath the sea. Cable-television systems require as many as 100 sophisticated broad-band width amplifiers to serve subscribers.

Amplifiers and energy

Just as a faucet is not the source of the water it dispenses, an amplifier does not create the energy it controls. An amplifier draws on the power of the weak input signal and supplements it with energy provided by a power source, increasing the power of the signal.

A replacement battery installed in a portable cassette-tape player supplies it with all the energy that will eventually create sounds during the life of that battery. The battery contains no information about the music or speech the player will eventually produce. Amplifiers in the tape player make it possible for the program on a compact disc, cassette tape, or a radio signal to dispense the battery's energy at a controlled rate as needed to produce the desired sounds.


No amplifier can be 100% efficient. All amplifiers waste some of the energy supplied to them. For instance, an amplifier's efficiency may be improved, but the result may be increased distortion in the final output.

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It provides the frequency response increasing to 20kHz roughly.

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Pyle PTAU34 Amp


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