Air Pollution

Air pollution

Air pollution is the presence of chemicals in the earth's atmosphere that are not a normal part of the atmosphere. In other words, air pollution is contaminated air.

Air contamination is divided into two broad categories: primary and secondary. Primary pollutants are those released directly into the air. Some examples include dust, smoke, and a variety of toxic chemicals, such as lead, mercury, vinyl chloride and carbon monoxide. The exhaust from vehicles and industrial smokestacks are examples of primary pollution.

Secondary pollutants are created or modified after being released into the atmosphere. In secondary pollution, a compound is released into the air. This compound is then modified into some other form, either by reaction with another chemical present in the air or by a reaction with sunlight (a photochemical reaction). The altered compound is the secondary pollutant. Smog that gathers above many cities is a prime example of secondary air pollution.

Pollution of the atmosphere occurs in the bulk of the atmosphere that is within 40-50 mi (64.4-80.5 km) of Earth's surface. Nitrogen and oxygen make up 99% of the atmosphere; the remaining components are argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium, methane, krypton, hydrogen, xenon, and ozone. Ozone is concentrated in a band that is 12-30 mi (19-48 km) above Earth's surface.

Smog can be damaging to human health because of the formation of ozone. A complex series of chemical reactions involving volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, sunlight, and molecular oxygen create highly

reactive ozone molecules containing three oxygen atoms. The ozone that is present higher up in the atmosphere is beneficial. It provides an important shield against harmful ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Closer to the ground, however, ozone is highly damaging to both living organisms and building materials.

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How does air pollution affect photosynthesis?...

Nicely, smog can stop light that is necessary for photosynthesis. I guess it also messes with all the chemical reaction the rose goes through converting CARBON DIOXIDE to glucose

Why is air pollution, particularly in Europe and North America, such a serious problem?...

this may help oughout… Air pollution is really not a extreme problem in developed nations. The problem is based on large but poorer towns where environment

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The only real commercial planes flying more than that part of the Aquellos Altos area will be on the landing approach using their engines on part accelerator. You can be uncover

Why is air pollution important to Australia or Australian?...

Sydney has the highest carbon exhausts and we wish to accomplish something about this, We are dropping The Great Barrier Reef because of global warming. Each year the particular averag

How is agriculture a source of air pollution?...

Cows as well as chicken release methane through their particular excrement which pollutes a lot more than CO2Air pollution could be the volume of particulates within the atmosphere. The particular agr

What percent/part of air pollution is caused by human activities?...

Because the Industrial Revolution within the 1700’s, human actions, such as the burning up of oil, coal as well as gas, as well as deforestation, improved in popularity CO2 focus


Leads to and effects about smog was shown within the North High Bulletin upon Wed 1/13 Thanks to Viewing!

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This particular video is an summary of air quality standards as well as regulations related to public health insurance and transportation, developed specifically for Utah public authorities, planners, as well as UDOT stakeholders.

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More than 50000 deaths each year in the united kingdom are related to smog. Physicist, business owner and father Mark Richards is involved about the environment specifically the air air pollution that we electronic

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Designed for Chemistry Assignment research was finished this video in deu. org, national aeronautics and space administration (nasa). gov and some other people. background sounds never belong to myself.

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… Last year, the Oughout. S. Epa (EPA) designated the nonattainment area that included people communities because local quality of air did not satisfy the federal health-based climate standard for fine object pollution. People can certainly

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